Gojal Photo Gallery
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Aerial view of Passu & Batura Glaciers

Aerial view of Ghulkin & Hussaini Glaciers

Batura Glacier

Shutubar Glacier

Wuch Shoth (Upper Avalance),  Gulmit

Glacier melting down

Pusth Shoth (Lower Avalance), Gulmit



Passu Glacier from KKH

 Passu Glacier

Batura Glacier

Water flowing down Ghulkin Glacier



Water flowing down, Shutubar Glacier

Coaster crossing the Gulmit avalanche

Tourists crossing Ghulkin Glacier

Water flowing down Gulmit glacier


Glacier Ice

Batura Glacier

Batura Glacier

Batura Glacier

Loopghar Sar, Shimshal

Shimshal, Glacier

Glacier Ice

Yishkook Glacier

Aerial view of Passu glacier






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