Yami pis daroz watan melacrit hargiz liman      Farmon pir-u buzurgan tamir-et yam chipurson.

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Shishakat also known as Nazimabad is the first village of Gojal when crossing Central Hunza.  Total population of the village is 2160 individuals living within 220 households. This is dominantly a  Burushaski speaking village however people of Wakhi and Domaaki ethnic group also inhibit the village. The village was settled down in 1903 during the reign of Mir Nazim Khan. Before this the barren lands were used as grazing land of Gulmit village. Some Wakhi households from Gulmit also permanently settled down in Shishkat while the Burushaski and Domaaki people migrated from Central Hunza. The village also has historical significance because this was the battle ground between Wakhi population above Gulmit and the state of Nagar and Hunza.


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                     Contributed by Shamim Ali

                     Contributed by Shamim Ali

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