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Local Oral History


There is no written history of the village. However, descriptions and references regarding different events can be traced in historical and genealogical accounts of the ruling families of Hunza and different folk stories and traditions orally transferred from one generation to another.  Most of the modern day researchers quote historical accounts from the books written by Qudratullah Baig, Mir Nazim Khan, Professor Ahmed Hassan Dani, Dr. Hermann and Sabine Felmy and some earlier western explorers. The local people describe their own versions of history while highlighting their own tribes in the events of history.


This write up summarizes the historical accounts specifically related to Gojal, where possible and generally to Hunza. These are largely based on stories for which there is no historical confirmation. The purpose here is to present the historical accounts and descriptions found in different forms to start debate on and record of local history.


Ancient History

Origin of Wakhies

Hunza as an Independent State

Mirs of Hunza
Construction of Altit Fort
Islam in Hunza
New Settlements

Hunza under British rule

Transfer of State Capital from Altit to Baltit

Hunza as Part of Pakistan

Abolition of Hunza Sate
Rule of Mir Quthlogh on Gojal
Visit of Aga Samad in Hunza
First Visit of Ismaili Imam to Hunza
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