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This video is an example of how I am treating the Bird Mite problem inside of my house and on my skin… I hope this helps you!

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  1. Kyle Bridenstine

    I’ve had these for two years and have tried everything under the sun to no avail. One thing I can tell you is I haven’t read or seen one person who says they actually got rid of them. Every video, comment, and post I’ve read are people feeling hopeful talking about the things they are doing and how it’s helping them but I haven’t seen a single person who got rid of them by trying something. There is one women on YouTube who says she got rid of them by selling all of her belongings, literally everything, and moving to a new house with no belongings. On a more positive note though, if you simply want to get them off your skin you can put one to two cups of bleach in a bathtub of water and soak in that; I read that from a medical journal in Australia and apparently that’s what they recommend to people there; just be very careful not to get it in your eyes. Bleach is sometimes used as chlorine in pools so it’s safe as long as it’s diluted. But this is futile because it’s only a temporary solution. As soon as you lay down in your bed or put a blanket around you they will be back on you. Also another thing that helps temporarily with your skin is rubbing hand sanitizer wipes on your skin or eye lashes where you feel itchy but it’s very temporary because more will just get on you. Lastly, anti-itch lotion such as the brand “Sarna” or the generic brand work very well as a repellant for them because they have 0.5% comphor and 0.5% menthol mixed together in the lotion and those two ingredients are a bug repellent. Before bed I put a little around my ankles, around my butt area, around both shoulders, and optionally a little in your hair. When I first used this it was 100% effective at repelling them and I thought it was a miracle but after about 2-3 months it slowly stopped repelling them as much so I think they got used to it. Also the lotion will make you freezing freezing cold so you’ll want to turn the heat on but at this point I’ve been using it for almost six months and it doesn’t make me feel cold anymore and it just feels like regular lotion (it’s similar to Vick’s vapor rub if you know how that makes your skin feel cold). Although it’s not as effective as when I first started using it, it still repels them a little bit, maybe 50% effective at this point. Big downside though is it’s very expensive $15-20 and I go through a bottle once a week maybe two if I stretch it. But I’ve tried every other bug repellent even 100% Deet and they did nothing to stop the mites at night, only anti-itch lotion works for me at repelling them. Good luck.

  2. Love Brown

    I have chickens and bring them in in the winter. I wash myself with Tea Tree Oil Castile soap and I have used it as a spray for the room. I just put a couple of drops in water and put it in a spray bottle. Bugs and mice super hate Tea Tree oil. But remember, it is poisonous for cats, dogs and birds. So spray it around after you have removed them. Let it dry, then bring them back in. Tea Tree is a natural deodorant and smells fantastic.

  3. michael baskinmichael9

    I have some sort of mites I’m sure of it now , I thought it was a flea but keep treating for fleas and wasn’t working. Tonight somebody said it sounds like mites I said can’t see them but there on me and sometimes bad and I can’t see them either. So I’m trying to learn and I’m freakin out cause sounds like maybe just bag the whole house and bomb it tear up carpets. Us new vacum and a shampooer omg they’re on me but e en I. Old they slowed dow. But in afternoon got above freezing and they’re attacking bad outside so what about yard and I have 2 dogs who are terrible about bring whatever it is inside. Help I’m loosing the battle.

  4. infpsych

    This is so hilarious, but it is super serious. Thank you for your research 🔬. This is what I’m dealing with now. Hope you got rid of them. Thank you for helping someone else out by posting this. You’ve helped hundreds with your thorough research 🧐. This all began with 2 gerbils and a Guinea pig which I’m stuck with thanks to my son (who I only see every other weekend). They’re going to be gone. Tired of getting bit.

  5. Stephen Dedalus

    There are more than one species, some are invisible. itching after showering is a allergic reaction after scrubbing the bites and burrows. crawling sensation is absolutely a mite. They will hide during treatment and come back, they will live for 7 months without a host, they will jump to your pets if you don't treat them and everything else at the exact same time. Timing is imperative as they have a life cycle of 1 week and molt 3/5 times in that period they feed on live skin and crawl out to take a blood meal before reproducing. I use ivermektin & permethrin cream (don't let cats come in any contact with permethrin) every 3-4 days ,thorough cleaning, wash all linens & cloths (drying cloths kills them, but load needs to be as hot & dry as possible for at least 20 min.) all this done on the same day. I use permethrin cream & shampoo between twice weekly Iver. for 5 weeks. trust your instincts when you feel crawling on you. I have chickens and an egg ranch nextdoor. also considering Phosmet for a premises spray because the N. Fowl mite, et. al. are known to be resistant to permethrin and other pyrethroids. the burrowing mite is the scale mite and invisible to the human eye. The northern fowl mite is the red one's that you can see live on host, and the black poultry mite is the one that hides off host during the day. Good for you being able to identify this and you are doing a great job going after these things. timing treatment, with there life cycle is key. They may never be eradicated 100%. no matter what you do, but they are controllable.

  6. Jonny R

    Kleen Green will save your life if you have these!!! It's non toxic enzyme that kills the eggs and the mites. Takes a few weeks with everyday spray. New sheets each day until you don't feel them. Ziplock dirty and clean clothes. Gallon size hefty for each days clothes works well. 2.5 gallon if it's winter clothes. Wet wipes (in ziplock to protect them) to wipe any off if you feel them, and put dirty wipe in another trash ziplock. Shower twice a day. Epsom salt will scrub them off in shower, or ideally a bath if you have a tub. You can bathe in the kleen green as well to get any out of your hair etc if you need to.

  7. Virginia н

    My front concrete porch is full of these super tiny black lice. I say lice because they're elongated. Nothing in the house. These black lice are tapered on both ends coming to a point. They look jagged close up. They get on brick, around your hose reel, & around service boxes. They bite you too. Almost like a pharoh ant bite. Got any idea what these are? Bird mites are usually round.

  8. R S

    Things that helped me fight this….
    Bleach, borax, respirator, spraying surfaces, floors , beds and ceilings with 91% alcohol, plastic lawn chairs, white sheets, towels and cotton blankets for bleaching, deep freezer for all items , ziplock bags, quart and gallon size, for shoes and home decor and coats that cannot be washed, freeze for no less that three days in plastic bags, even jewelry. Lemon pledge with a few drops of lavender oil and peppermint oil 100% pure mixed onto my cloths for dusting all surfaces , ammonia windeX for other surfaces. For skin, 100% pure tea tree oil a few drops mixed with pure organic coconut oil from Amazon for skin applications to kill burrowed bugs and eggs. Soaking occasionally in hot water and epsom salt to get stubborn bugs to turn loose. Standing in shower with water off and saturating hair in first in warmed white vinegar , then applying vinegar all over body, wait a few minutes then rinse , then wash with dawn dish detergent with a few drops of tea tree and peppermint oil for hair and body. Lather up with shower off. Then, Rinse off . Repeat lathering up hair and body with just plain dawn to remove all oils , rinse good, and then condition up your hair because it’s drying. Dawn and borax for laundry in hot water and dry in hot heat two rounds in dryer. Add bleach to whites. Cold wash items with dawn, borax , or either borax, white vinegar and tea tree oil or tea tree oil and peppermint oil for heavy stubborn infestation. Be careful not to breath in or use too much. A little goes along way. Do not use canister blow back VACUMES. Get a bagged hepa VACUME with filtered exhaust. I recommend the kenmore bagged canister VACUME. Alcohol all attachments after each use and tie up inside trash bags for storage. Change each bag after each use and tape up the vac bag whole. Throw away outside house into trash. Swiffers for floors daily. This works great. VACUME and dust daily. Wash all bedding and clothes used daily. Do not rewear clothes or reuse towels. Store unused clothing in white drawstring trash bags for visibility and bug protection. Heavy duty vinyl zipped mattress and box spring encasements with original duct tape over entire zipper. They crawl out. Cheap pillows for throwing out periodically from Walmart. Heavy duty vinyl zipped pillow encasements. Spray encased mattress down with 91% alcohol between sheet changes. Do not breathe in vapors. Invest in a in-house dehumidifier and air cleaners. These things multiply in humidity. Keep it set to 45 or 50% humidity. Keep house at a cooler temperature. Store dirty laundry in sorted white drawstring trash bags. They crawl out. Keep some in your bathroom for towels and clothes when you go to shower. Wear flip flops to shower and spray down with alcohol while in shower to kill bugs and eggs from crawling back onto you . Use bleach-able mop for floors . No steam mops. The steam looses heat further away from immediate surfaces and encourages mites hidden in deeper levels and under floors etc to reproduce rapidly. Mites love humidity. Do not use steam. VACUME, and regular mopping. Use added bleach or white vinegar for mopping, scrubbing and rinsing depending on the floors you have. Spray swiffer pad down with alcohol or ammonia windeX after each use. Spray floors and sofa with Lysol spray periodically. Switch to plastic lawn chairs for spraying or wiping down with alcohol. Spray cloth car seating and carpet with rid lice spray. Wipe down all surfaces and VACUME. Where you go the bugs go. All people whether bitten or not in house must follow the same protocols. They carry them around and back to you and your places of rest. Think…to prevent cross contamination. Research and learn about all mites. CHEYLETELLA mites are carried by dogs cats and rabbits and affect humans . They even lay eggs in hair like lice. Vets often mistake them for fleas or flea allergies. Mice, rats and birds carry blood sucking burrowing mites into your home and they will come after you when the host is gone. Springtails and collembolla mites and red oak itch mites also affect humans. Pin oak trees are notorious for mites that bite humans. They blow into your windows or are carried inside. Spider mites also bite humans and infest landscaping and get inside your house. Doctors are only schooled on scabies, lice and bedbugs. They will miss diagnose you as scabies, morgellons , bedbugs, delusional parasitosis , skin allergy, eczema , sever dry skin, or psoriasis. Permethrin will work, but can’t be used repeatedly. Keep all hard surfaces wiped down with either, white vinegar, alcohol, or hot soap and water. Keep bugs and eggs wiped away. Treat floors, ceilings, baseboards and walls. VACUME all these surfaces, wash down and spray. All clothes , all drawers , all closets, home decor, everything can become infested. Practice safety. Check with for pesticides, equipment and advice on treating your home and landscaping from roof top to crawl space and exterior foundation, depending on severity of infestation. Take breaks, get away, sleep when you can. Keep an extra sticky tape lint roller for sheets and body. It’s a lifesaver. Make your bedroom your first priority. Avoid sugar as much as you can and keep fighting. There is hope and your not alone or crazy. It’s real. There are online forums. Many others have and are suffering from this same pestilence. Like mosquitoes , they don’t bite everyone. Just certain people that they are attracted to. Learn all you can and don’t poison yourself in the process. Wear a respirator, don’t mix chemicals and keep good ventilation when using sprays, cleaners or chemicals. Use window fans blowing out to the outside when spraying , to air out. Never blow from outside to inside. It invites bugs. Read the directions always. Safety first. Some people have different levels of infestation. That will determine your fight and the duration. Also , don’t forget to wipe down your washer after putting in clothes. Use alcohol. The bugs and eggs fall off the soiled laundry as you load, then back onto you and back into your washed clothes when you reach in and out. Tea Tree oil can be toxic use with care, be careful of allergic reaction. Clove oil is also a good choice to use with dawn for showering or mixing in carrier oil to use on body. It also kills mites. Be careful with all essential oils. Read , research , before use. Soaking in epsom salt and or pink Himalayan salt and hot water helps to kill mites and is relaxing. Hydrate with water after soaks and use good moisturizer lotion after. Research scabies treatments and home cleaning for scabies for tips also. I am not a doctor, these are just things that have helped me during this fight. Wear respirators. Vapors from sprays and alcohol can damage airways, nasal, throat, lungs. Don’t take chances. Use all products with safety first.

  9. Sierra Vista

    Another post says spray suspend chemical. Id spray outside, inside, put down stuff to dry out, cimexa or sevens dust. Come up any room not used spray agsin in a week its a very 5 day hatching so every three days rotate some stuff to try two rooms at a time. I can't do chemicals much . So bird nest, pigeons, bed bugs leave mites behind n likely spiders. Ill sanitize everything n put in my storage n find another place to move. Do my own pest control. This mess is BS , try oxygen clean on carpet after the fact. I'll be using a powder cleanser on carpet to dry them out till I get cimexa then put an EO on. Your bed is what u worry about n ceiling, walls, vaccum. Time to switch it up, No nest, trees close by. Damn shame

  10. Tina Smith

    Our house got infected with bird mites about 6 years ago from a neighbor's large birdhouse. It took steam cleaning and lots of hard work to rid our house of them. They hosted on me, not my husband, and if you become a host, they will crawl and bite on your skin, and what I found that helped heal up the sores was rubbing on pure Avocado oil (Chosen foods is a good brand, as not all Avocado oil sold at the grocery stores is 100% pure). This is great for the scalp and whole body. Also, spray yourself, head to toe, with white vinegar after showering, and throughout the day if you can. I believe this keeps them from multiplying. The spraying eventually helped stop the biting and crawlies, and kept them mostly inactive. Another thing that works well is Lemon Eucalyptus pure essential oil, sold by AURA CACIA at Natural Food stores or Sprouts, or Amazon. This is not lemon mixed with eucalyptus, this is a different oil that comes from the lemon eucalyptus tree. It has a strange smell, and does not smell anything like lemons or eucalyptus. It is used by some companies as a strong insect repellant and mites hate it. I take a medium spray bottle and put 10 drops to water and spray. It can be toxic if digested, so do not use in eyes, or mouth. I also mix it with Kleen Green from Natural Genesis, and it kills a lot of mites (and fleas, etc). Doctors will tell you it is scabies or that you are delusional. They are trained to do this, and have no idea how to deal with bird mites. Going to the doctor is a complete waste of time and money, so use your efforts in combatting them using other methods. Do not drink coffee. The caffeine will make them bite and crawl even more, as do tea.

  11. Keto Katt

    Although I'm sorry you are suffering, comma I am so relieved To know others are having this problem!!
    I have been treated with malathion twice by my doctor for scabies and I could see them literally fall off and feel them like little pieces of coarse sand. Little did I know they were bird might not not scabies. So they're all over my house and I got rid of them temporarily on me but obviously they got right back on me. So I am going to take your advice and I thank you so much for making this video. I too have been using the essential oils in a Carrier oil of alcohol in a Carrier oil of Olive oil or coconut oil. Compounding this problem I also have carpet Beatles which I had never heard of either. I am so disgusted in my entire life revolves around cleaning and fighting freaking bugs. I literally have no other life right now. You being brave enough to make this video has validated My complaint Because my husband thinks I'm nuts. Or at least he says hes sick of hearing about bugs. We did get ORKIN to come in And we are on a program however it is for carpet Beatles As they don't know about the bird might yet. I thought I had lice scabies, Possibly delusional parasitosis! It's hell. I'm the only one doing any of the cleaning and and spraying and steaming! How is it that the bird mites only bother me and not my husband? Oh duh!! I just learned from the comments that ive been all down in them scrubbing and getting more on me! I had no idea that the vacuum could make them airborne because I didn't know how little they could be until I washed out one of the filters! Has anyone noticed that they also seem to be able to hang on for dear life, like those sticker things You get on your clothes if you walk through a field? What's funny is I see My husband scratching but he says it's because hes been sweating. We sleep in separate bedrooms hes downstairs I'm upstairs. I think they're simply more might appear because I am closer to the attic and carport where the birds had been making hundreds of nests. Bats in the freaking wall voids! I also thought it was bed bugs or bat bugs Which are exactly like bed bugs only they can't complete their live cycle on human blood. So I too have been terrified feeling feeling like this has taken years off my life. I will have to come back and refer to all these recipes recipes and of course spend more money that I do not have! I think I'm going to call my county vector control troll and see if they will help me. Good luck to everyone here and God-bless. Please excuse all the spelling errors due to my talk to text lol

  12. Jacqueline Bayes

    Hi I have been battling these things for about 4-5 years I've tried many of the treatment s you have spoken about and experienced all of the same symptoms and been through the same with Dermatologists I've been close to suicide believe me and I've found Permethrin cream on the burrow areas on the body Neem oil, Deet on occasions on certain areas of your body that's exposed when gardening etc and yes eating raw onion and garlic as much as you can, bag up all your clothes and bedding hoover as much as possible and empty the bag always use bleach when cleaning the floors inside and outside your if able, I've found they have got less as time goes on but you must still do all of these things but possibly not quite as frequently but always where fresh clothes daily, if anyone needs any advice just reply and IL get back to you, wish you luck I know how trying this is.

  13. camrivacam

    Thank you for all the tips. I was under the impression they don’t last long without chicken blood, they don’t feed off of human blood and die off in a couple of days in the house. You’re better to go after the source. I’ll be using these tips around the house but more focussed on cleaning up the coop

  14. Calvi Slay

    Neem oil and in a carrier oil can be used to kill mights and Eggs at night. A cup of Borax and hydrogen peroxide in the tub can kill by exfoliating and getting in the pores! Work for me on some tropical bird mites from the galapoges islands! 10% surfer ointment can help with drying skin and mites out.

  15. Heather McGuire

    None of this worked for me. I even bathed in bleach! I've tried EVERYTHING! Even saw a dermatologist – nobody believes me! Say I'm crazy, and have "morgelons disease!"
    I swear on all I love that I've got some kind of mites. I was treating for bedbugs in a disgusting previous rental, and after hundreds and hundreds of dollars, and becoming anemic, and sick, I had finally beat the bedbugs, and was very suddenly and very traumaticly "swarmed" is probably the proper term, one evening as I lay trying to go to sleep after intensely treating the place one evening! I swear I literally felt these things by the billion, suddenly, terrifyingly, and slowly engulf my body completely as I jump up, freaking out, swatting at myself, and screaming! Ever since – over a year ago now – I've had these things ( parasitic mites ls what I'm certain they are ) and have nearly completely lost my sanity! Nothing will kill them and keep them away. I've gotten chemical burns, reactions, vomiting, etc from the various many many treatments I've tried, including prescription – and not one thing has completely killed and kept them off. Nobody else I've been near – even residing in the same household – has contracted them. I have Lupus, so I believe my compromised immunity is why I'm infested. They nest in my hair, and are all stuck on all my clothes, and even when washed and dried, they remain on my clothing, and are still alive. I've had to cut my hair short to get a shared of relief, or so I thought, but like all other things I've tried, all is just a temporary fix, then they're back….I'm not fucking delusional, or schizophrenic. Doctors have verified that. These bugs are real.
    I'm genuinely suffering. And have been over a year. Doctors and crack pot dermatologists in this area are very literally horribly incompetent and under qualified, and uneducated. The community refers to the local hospital, instead of OMC, it's "order my coffin." The unfortunate citizens in and around my small community, aren't left with any alternative or the financial means to travel to city's in which trained and caring, professional medical centers are, even if we were to magically obtain a referral from one of these cracker jack bandaid applicants. So the one opinion I received – I'm crazy, and have a made up psycho mental disorder – is the only diagnosis I can get….so my suffering continues, and my hopelessness grows. I am considering drastic measures to finally obtain relief, cause nobody understands just how maddening and horrible having these parasites are!! Unlike bedbugs, etc, these things NEVER rest!! Day or night! And when they bite, it feels like a sharp jab – like I'm being stabbed with tiny needles all over! I'm sick, and weak, and so so fed up and exhausted from fighting these things for over a damn year now!! They don't and won't die!! Nothing. Works. Period.
    I need help….somebody….anybody??? Please. Believe me!! This is so fucking awful, the constant and consistent crawling, itching, stinging….day and night….always!!! My life has been extremely difficult and traumatic…now this too. What did I do to deserve this??

  16. Tess Jones

    I had a 3 year case of this-thought it was bed bugs- no. I tried everything- this is what works.
    Hartz Orange oil flea and tick shampoo.Aromavita Oregano soap. BronnersOrange oil soap. Lysol spray your sheets,They live in the soles of your feet. Take a 3 gallon garbage bag pour Hartz shampoo in the bottom
    put on your feet and tape top closed around your ankle with painters tape really tight. Vacuum your
    car, floors, bed everywhere. Good Luck. They come out every three days. They live in your dermis.
    These are the same mites infesting our Bee population. And it give mange to our pets.
    Wash your clothes in vinegar mixed with the same Hartz fleas shampoo.

  17. paul bee

    can you see the mites? chicken or sparrow mites are tiny, they can live without feeding for months, steam cleaning is step 2 , first you must spray flea killer pesticide with insect growth regulator, then wait for a few days for activity to stop, then steam clean, no mopping, or they jump onto your skin and are terribly difficult to get rid off. I got two recipes from this channel's creator from his blog. watch his videos, read his blog for more details-
    Anti-scabies/any anti-mites body mask recipe:
    apply for 45 minutes then wash off-

    Half a cup of neem oil

    Half a cup of coconut oil

    12 drops of tea tree oil

    2 tablespoons of neem powder

    4 drops of clove oil

    1 tablespoon of turmeric powder

    Anti-scabies body cream recipe:

    100g of moisturizing cream

    One teaspoon of neem oil per 100g moisturizer

    6-8 drops of tea tree oil per 100g of moisturizer

    4 drops of clove oil per 100g of moisturizer

    watch youtube channel -I might have mites- for tips for getting them out of your skin not just off. You will need Magnesium chloride flakes, activated charcoal, borax, etc.

  18. Mireya Kearney

    @Sarah Ann- Do you spray the Premo Bug Spray stuff absolutely everywhere? Did you buy the Premo Bug Spray from Amazon? Or, just on your bed frames and base boards of your home? Can you describe what the bugs look like that you are killing off your skin or kill in your home?

  19. Tammy Dubell

    From I been learning is they hybernate in your hair& pores so when you sweat &take hot shower they come out of the pores that's why after 3showers you feel that way I personally bought milldred borax from Amazon this crystalize a little better then other brands killing eggs & ECT…I also been washing my skin and hair with it my hair is past my waist line very long so I constantly feel like you do hope this helps prayers going up good luck🙏🌺🌺

  20. Gina2190

    By way u may have rats in your walls ! Took me years to realise as never see them till this week ! U must look for rats get rat proofed.
    These things live even if you shower. You will know if it’s bird/ rat mites if you are loosing hair , expecially if all of you are. Is there tree near u ? I’ve got a huge tree right near me council won’t touch it even tho nearly in my window as it’s listed. Huge thing horrible cos mites from nests get in. Then rats are getting in too whole block throwing out items and it’s happened before so now I’m thinking I have to throw my new mattress and brand new carpet out as thought it’s infested is you much. Hover like crazy declutter , check for rats mice nest as without sorting that it just keeps happening. Horrible I feel for you. You can’t really see rat mites , bird ones u may. I just see black dots shells for mites ? Not sure but since I just seen a rat it’s connected. However clean u r makes no difference to getting this issue as rats are biting way into homes but after getting rap proof etc then you gotta wash wAsh wash hover hover etc
    Traps , not poison may be best it may help to stop them dying in walls then feasting on you. And yes they do. I never would have realised I even had rats till I see one I’ve been here 13 years been infested 3times now. I’m done I hate London so much now , wish I could move , a bus stop would be better at moment lol.

  21. IsisNFriends

    Hi Sarah I’m sorry you’re dealing with this! Thank you for your video! OK so I had let my friend spend the night at my house and he slept in my other room for about seven days and when he would take a bath I would notice all these black specs in my tub.
    I didn’t think anything of it and then when he left every time I will go in that room I would just get it and I couldn’t see what was biting me. I threw the couch away I was grateful that it wasn’t bedbugs! Even on my toilet seat I literally had to change my toilet seat.
    I had got so discouraged! I Got rid of everything in that room and I started to sleep on the floor it felt like things were jumping in my ear.. I was so sad then I felt them all over my body and to this day I barely ask my manager to spray my house two days ago. Because bugs are just embarrassing but I told her what happened. I have googled that these things are called black pepper bird mites because they’re small like pepper and some of them are white but they’re not white like salt they’re like opaque. I got to tell you I’m so sad I did not know what to do so they have been multiplying for sure I thought well if I keep washing them go away… Nope! So they got the spray done and when I go on my room where the guy was it’s like they jump on me bite me because I sprayed them. I am glad that you mention to clean with the dust would be so I cleaned my windowsills and now I’m going to go into my bathroom and clean that windowsill because you said they like a human I have been wiping down my entire shower wall and tub because I feel like they stick on there it’s crazy I was scrub and stuff with a Brillo pad. So this guy was my old neighbor and he always sits in this ghetto ass park very classy of you to use the term urban I would say more like poverty areas and he sits there and he sits on these benches and he doesn’t feel them supposedly I didn’t even tell him like hey what about the black pepper spots all over the tub when you would take a bath. Man I’m praying and praying and praying and praying and praying and now I’m fighting straight up!!!! Because I just got little kitties and they were not itching before they came to my house so I would like be so selective about where I go in my house and just only stay in one place but now I want my house back so I don’t know if I mention I’m gonna get my carpet cleaned and I’m going to start cleaning like crazy like more than twice a day I’ve been vacuuming out my car hallway and living room but I have to do like a full sweep get in the condition of just vacuuming and mopping my floors and every crevice more than three times a day as far as my body I’m so sad I’m like I feel them on me… I’m definitely going to make that vodka paste

  22. Krystiana Jalosjos

    thank you! my bf's room was infested by bird mites and im pretty freaked out by it. I'm having him stay with me at my apartment so he's not continuously exposed to the infestation back at his home. But i know we're going to have to be very cautious at my apartment.. i just really hope my apartment doesn't get infested!

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