How To Make Cheese Balls With Cream Cheese These Party-Ready Cheese Balls Are a Gouda Thing

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    Brie and Cranberry Cheese Ball

    Brie and Cranberry Cheese Ball

    Big Oven


    Hello, is it Brie you’re looking for? This festive cheese ball with dried cranberries, Brie, and cream cheese is perfect for bringing to holiday parties and office potlucks to spread on crackers or baguette slices. It’s rolled in a cranberry-pistachio mixture for a beautiful presentation and great texture.

    Brie and Cranberry Cheese Ball from Big Oven

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    Celebration Cheese Ball With Pecans

    Celebration cheeseball with pecans

    The Spruce

    Can we celebrate with a cheese ball? Yes, pecan. Cheddar and cream cheese get a lift from onion and garlic and a crunch from pecans in this game-day and holiday favorite that’s rolled in chopped nuts.

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    Bacon and Fig Cheese Ball

    Bacon and Fig Cheese Ball

    Leah Maroney


    Here’s a recipe that combines two classic flavors into one cheesy (in a good way.) appetizer. Fig jam, crispy crumbled bacon, scallions, cheddar, and cream cheese combine to form a spread that’s great for all of your festive gatherings, from holiday brunches to bridal showers.

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    Pineapple Cheese Ball

    Pineapple Cheese Ball

    Alan Richardson-Getty Images


    Say aloha to a cheese ball packed with tropical flavor. Crushed pineapples add sweetness, while chopped green bell pepper and green onion lend texture and freshness. The whole orb is rolled in chopped nuts for crunch.

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    Bacon and Smoked Gouda Cheese Ball

    Bacon and Smoked Gouda Cheese Ball

    Mirlandra’s Kitchen


    Think you can keep your party guests from demolishing this nut-free party cheese ball? Gouda luck. Yes, you guessed it—it’s made with smoked Gouda, plus cream cheese, and a few other easy-to-find ingredients. Instead of nuts, it’s rolled in bacon bits.

    Bacon and Smoked Gouda Cheese Ball from Mirlandra’s Kitchen

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    Greek Cheese Ball

    Greek Cheese Ball

    Today’s Creative Life


    Enjoy a Greek getaway without even leaving the couch. Rich Kalamata olives, salty feta, fresh green peppers, and creamy Greek yogurt are just a few of the treasures you’ll find inside. It’s coated with crushed pita chips and basil leaves for color and freshness.

    Greek Cheese Ball from Today’s Creative Life

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    Blue Cheese Ball

    Blue Cheese Ball from Recipe Girl

    Recipe Girl

    You won’t feel blue once you get a taste of this classic party spread. Simply form a cheese ball out of blended blue cheese crumbles,  cream cheese, and black olives, then cover with walnuts and snipped fresh chives. It’s retro, but by no means out of date.

    Blue Cheese Ball from Recipe Girl

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    Jalapeno Peach Cheese Ball of Darkness

    Jalapeno Peach Cheese ball Recipe

     The Spruce

    Don’t be afraid of the cheese ball. This chillingly good Halloween starter is coated in black sesame seeds for a dark and creepy look, but sweetness lurks inside in the form of fruit preserves added to the cream cheese filling. It’s a great addition to your grown-up Halloween snack table.

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    Vegan Party Cheese Ball

    Vegan Party Cheese Ball

    Meaningful Eats

    Move on over, dairy—there’s a new “cheese” ball in town. This vegan appetizer gets its creamy texture from a blended mixture of soaked cashews, nutritional yeast, and vegan cream cheese, with lemon and a few spices added for flavor. You’ll need to make this one a day ahead, and it can be kept in the fridge up to three days before serving.

    Vegan Party Cheese Ball from Meaningful Eats

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    Festive Party Cheese Ball with Pecans

    Cheese Ball with Crackers

    Lauri Patterson / Getty Images

    This retro appetizer is made from a simple combination of cheeses that are shaped into a festive ball, then rolled in finely chopped pecans. Set it out with assorted crackers, and it’ll quickly become the star of your party.

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    Gluten-Free Dill Pickle Cheese Ball

    Dill Pickle Cheese Ball

    Apples for CJ



    Be a big dill at your next party or potluck when you serve this gluten-free and addictively-delicious cheese ball. It’s made with chopped dill pickles and dill weed, two varieties of cheese, plus a dash of hot sauce for a little kick. The outside is sprinkled with more chopped dill for a dip you’ll devour quickly on crackers.

    Dill Pickle Cheese Ball from Apples for CJ

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    Port Wine Cheese Ball

    Port Wine Cheese Ball

    A Forks Tale



    Why not enjoy this swanky port wine-infused cheese ball at your next party? This recipe has a sneaky heat from cayenne pepper, which nicely balances sweet fortified Portuguese wine in the cream cheese filling. Seasoned salt adds an extra pop of flavor for your taste buds. The whole thing is covered in sliced almonds for a pretty presentation.

    Port Wine Cheese Ball from A Fork’s Tale

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    Southern Pimiento Cheese Spread

    Southern Pimiento Cheese Spread

    Diana Rattray


    You’ll be looking sharp when you serve this much-loved Southern favorite at your next event. It’s loaded with shredded cheddar, cream cheese, mayo, pimientos, and hot sauce—with optional chopped jalapeno peppers or dill pickles for spice and crunch. Shape into a ball and serve as an appetizer with crackers or crusty bread.

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    Strawberry Cheesecake Ball

    Strawberry Cheesecake Ball

    Real Housemoms



    This dessert-inspired party cheese ball is sweet, fruity, and sure to take the cake at your next gathering. Strawberry cream cheese filling is shaped into a ball and coated with miniature chocolate chips to mimic the flavors of a cheesecake.

    Strawberry Cheesecake Ball from Real Housemoms

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    Mexican Cheese Ball

    Mexican Cheese Ball from The Girl Who Ate Everything

    The Girl Who Ate Everything

    In queso emergency, serve this easy, cheesy, Mexican-inspired party spread that can be eaten with chips or sliced veggies. Two kinds of cheese mingle with green chiles and onions, taco seasonings, and lime juice. The mixture is rolled into a ball, chilled, then rolled in crushed tortilla chips.

    Mexican Cheese Ball from The Girl Who Ate Everything

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