What Can You Make With Crescent Dough Sheets 9 Ways to Get Creative With Crescent Roll Dough

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    Ham and Cheddar Mini Quiches

    Ham quiche with crescent roll crust

    The Spruce / Diana Rattray

    Whether you need a quick and easy breakfast for a holiday morning or something the kids can grab and run with, these little ham and cheddar muffin cup quiches are an excellent choice. Serve with a piece of fruit for breakfast, a salad for lunch, or by themselves for an afternoon snack.

    Crescent roll dough makes the crust easy to fix and the egg filling gives a kick of protein to these savory morsels. Use other ingredients in place of ham, like bacon, prosciutto, or a mix of cheeses for a vegetarian alternative.

    Prep and serve in just 30 minutes.

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    Pigs in a Blanket

    Crescent Roll Pigs in a Blanket

    The Spruce / Eric Kleinberg

    Pigs in a blanket are a classic appetizer that always makes an appearance during the holidays, on game days, or at kids’ parties. Easy to make, transport, and eat, these simple bites go with any sauce you’d like, such as honey-mustard, ketchup, or even ranch dressing.

    To dress them up a bit, brush them lightly with egg wash and sprinkle with sesame seeds or poppy seeds. Use mini hot dogs or smoked sausages, or cut standard hot dogs into 3-inch lengths.

    Prep and serve in 25 minutes.

    Check our breakfast version of pigs in a blanket.

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    Pizza Pinwheels

    Pizza pinwheels

    The Spruce / Diana Rattray

    Pizza sauce, finely chopped pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, and mushrooms make a tasty pizza topping for the crescent roll dough. The dough is rolled up and sliced to make delicious little pizza pinwheels.

    Add to or replace our suggested toppings with the ones you like the most. As the recipe makes 4 rolls and 20 total pizza pinwheels, make four different flavors: a mushroom-cheese roll; a three-cheese roll (Havarti, Fontina, Asiago) sprinkled with Italian seasoning and fresh chopped basil; a Greek-flavored roll with feta, black olives, and sundried tomatoes; and a charcuterie roll with salami, prosciutto, and Brie cheese. Serve with marinara sauce or a good quality organic tomato-basil pasta sauce for dipping.

    Prep and serve in 25 minutes.

    If you’re looking for a similar pinwheel dish like this one, you can also make them with ham and cheese.

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    Bacon, Egg and Cheese Rolls

    Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Crescent Rolls

    The Spruce / Emily Baker

    In this recipe the crescent roll dough bakes into its intended shape, but stuffed with eggs, bacon, and cheese, to make a breakfast sandwich that you can make ahead and reheat in the morning. Convenient for busy mornings, delicious as a side dish for brunch, or excellent as a main dish for a light lunch with a green salad, our rolls can take on more ingredients, depending on your liking and dietary needs.

    Make them vegetarian by skipping the bacon, add extra protein by using ham and bacon, or make them extra cheesy adding Monterrey Jack or sliced Mozzarella-type of cheese.

    Prep and serve in 45 minutes.

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    Beef Stroganoff Bake

    Stroganoff in Crescent crust

    The Spruce / Diana Rattray

    This creative beef stroganoff bake uses crescent roll dough as the crust. The dough is topped by a hearty and creamy combination of lean ground beef, mushrooms, sour cream, and cheese.

    Good for a creative lunch or dinner, this bake can be served with a light green salad or roasted vegetables to make a complete dinner. Let cool off to warm and cut in smaller pieces to use as mini appetizers during game day. For a less caloric version, use ground turkey or chicken, only half of the sour cream, and a light mozarella cheese.

    Prep and serve in 45 minutes.

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    Blueberry Cream Cheese Breakfast Braid

    Blueberry cream cheese braid

    The Spruce / Leah Maroney

    This breakfast braid is another genius use of crescent roll dough. Fresh blueberries and sweetened cream cheese provide the filling, and a simple lemon-flavored icing is a final touch for a crunchy and sweet treat.

    Use it as a sweet addition to your brunch table, or as a treat for a holiday party; serve it as a dessert with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, or have it with coffee for an afternoon pick-me-up.

    Prep and serve in 35 minutes.

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    Easy Cheese Danish

    Slice of cheese danish topped with berries

    The Spruce / Abby Mercer

    This easy recipe is a simple bake of two cans of refrigerated crescent dough and a creamy filling of sweet cream cheese. By adding any toppings of your liking, such as lemon curd, fresh fruit, or powdered sugar, you can make this recipe according to your preferences.

    Make little danishes by lining muffin tins with crescent dough, adding the filling, covering with more dough, and baking until fluffy and golden brown. Top with sliced almonds, fresh fruit and powdered sugar for an individual and more elegant presentation.

    Prep and serve in 50 minutes.

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    Easy 6-Ingredient Cinnamon Rolls

    Crescent roll cinnamon rolls

    Matthew O’Shea / Photographer’s Choice / Getty Images

    These easy and quick crescent dough cinnamon rolls are a wonderful treat for a holiday brunch, great to serve at a baby shower, and always a treat when packed in the little ones’ lunchboxes.

    Easy to make, you simply spread melted butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon over the dough sheet and then roll, slice, and bake it! A simple powdered sugar icing is the perfect finishing touch, but other toppings can be added inside: white or dark chocolate chips, dried fruit like raisins or currants, or Nutella to make chocolate rolls.

    Prep and serve in 27 minutes.

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    Cheeseburger Pie With Crescent Roll Crust

    Cheeseburger pie

    Soulders ​Studios / Getty Images

    Our all-in-one cheeseburger is a fun bake to serve during a weeknight. All the great flavors of beef, cheese, and burger seasonings come together in between two sheets of crescent roll dough. Bake and serve in slices, and offer it with oven fries, ketchup, mayo, and mustard.

    Use ground turkey or ground chicken if you’d rather skip the red meat, and make an equally flavorful chicken/turkey burger-pie.

    Prep and serve in 40 minutes.

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