What To Do With Extra Stuffed Pepper Filling The Combinations Are Endless With Stuffed Peppers—Here Are 20 to Try

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    Stuffed Peppers With Ground Beef and Rice

    Stuffed Peppers

    The Spruce

    This baked dish is the classic recipe that you probably remember from childhood. Ground beef, tomatoes, cooked rice, and a variety of seasonings make up the delicious filling.

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    Chile Relleno Stuffed Peppers

    Chorizo sutted peppers

    Molly Watson

    The filling in these peppers uses south-of-the-border ingredients like Mexican chorizo, potatoes, zucchini, Monterey Jack cheese, and creamy queso fresco. Serve them with rice and beans or make it a simple meal with some warm tortillas.

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    Slow Cooker Stuffed Peppers

    Stuffed Green Peppers With Ground Beef

    The Spruce 

    A jar of marinara sauce adds flavor and makes preparation a breeze in this slow cooker version. The filling contains ground beef—or turkey if you want a leaner option—along with some rice and seasonings.

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    Steak and Cheese Stuffed Peppers

    Steak and Cheese Stuffed Peppers

    Diana Rattray

    Looking to lose weight, but not flavor? Reduce the number of onions in the recipe if you are following a low-carb or ketogenic diet. A large green bell pepper only contains about 5 net carbs.

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    Chicken and Rice Stuffed Peppers

    stuffed peppers with chicken and rice

     Steve Brown Photography / Getty Images

    These tasty stuffed peppers, paired with a hot chicken and rice salad mixture, is a great option for those looking to steer clear of the traditional beef. A curry mayonnaise mixture brings the ingredients together in a potent, spicier combination.

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    Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers

    cheesesteak peppers

    The Spruce

    For Philly cheesesteak fans, this recipe offers a healthy way to replicate the same flavors without having to reset your belt. Just like its sandwich inspiration, they contain thinly-sliced grilled flank steak, mushrooms, and provolone cheese.

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    Unstuffed Peppers Casserole

    Unstuffed Peppers

    Diana Rattray

    When in doubt, turn it into a casserole. We’ve all cut something the wrong way, diced when we were supposed to do strips, ultimately ruling out the bowl shape we were going to load up. Should that happen here, this streamlined recipe includes the same classic ingredients and flavors in a delicious cheese-topped casserole. Serve the one-dish meal with a side salad and biscuits or French bread.

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    Stuffed Mini Peppers

    Stuffed Mini Peppers

    The Spruce Eats / Diana Rattray

    Large peppers are not the only option for stuffing. This stuffed mini pepper recipe creates a colorful, easy, and irresistible appetizer you’ll want to make all the time. The filling is a combination of dry ranch dressing mix, cream cheese, and mayonnaise. Chopped broccoli, carrot, and more pepper give it extra crunch, and they’re finished with melted cheddar cheese. These can also be served as a side dish or snack.

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    Instant Pot Stuffed Peppers

    Serve the stuffed peppers.

    Diana Rattray

    If you are looking for a familiar stuffed pepper recipe but don’t have the hour and a half to cook it, this Instant Pot version is your savior. In only ten minutes of cooking time, you will have tender bell pepper shells filled with a mixture of ground meat, rice, tomato, cheese, and plenty of seasonings with a melty mozzarella topping.

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    Vegetarian Rice and Cheddar Stuffed Peppers

    Peppers stuffed with rice and vegetables

    Joff Lee / Getty Images

    Cheddar cheese provides the protein in these tasty vegetarian stuffed peppers. Add some black beans, corn, and diced tomatoes for extra heft and Tex-Mex flavor.

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    Stuffed Peppers With Cheesy Ham and Rice Filling

    rice, ham, and cheese stuffed peppers

     Diana Rattray

    These stovetop ham and cheese stuffed peppers make a tasty lunch or dinner dish, and they are super easy to fix up. If you prefer baked stuffed peppers, transfer them to the oven and top with extra cheese or buttered breadcrumbs.

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    Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

    quinoa stuffed peppers

    Picture Pantry/Getty Images

    Quinoa and lean ground sirloin make the filling for this variation lighter than most. Chopped carrots, onions, tomatoes, and Parmesan cheese add both color and flavor.

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    Jalapeño Poppers

    Jalapeno poppers

    The Spruce


    Jalapeño peppers are a departure from main dish stuffed peppers, but they deserve a shout-out. Fry a batch up for a party or game day gathering.

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    Stuffed Peppers with Tuna

    stuffed peppers with tuna

    Bruce McIntosh/E+/Getty Images

    The breadcrumb and tuna filling makes these stuffed peppers a great choice if you’re seeking variety. Add a salad or cup of soup for an excellent lunch or light dinner.

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    Baked Stuffed Peppers With Ground Beef and Corn

    Stuffed Peppers With Ground Beef and Corn

    David Bishop Inc. Photolibrary/Getty Images

    Whole kernel corn sweetens the filling in these stuffed peppers. Ground beef, tomato sauce, and rice are the main ingredients. Add some chili powder and a dash of cayenne pepper to give the dish Southwestern flavor.

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    Stuffed Peppers With Bulgur and Basil

    stuffed peppers, Greek style

    Azurita / Getty Images

    Bulgur replaces the more typical rice in these Greek-style vegan stuffed peppers. If you aren’t vegan, add some feta cheese to the peppers just before serving.

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    Stuffed Red Peppers (Rocoto Relleno)

    stuffed red peppers

    Anna Kurzaeva/Getty Images

    The Peruvian-inspired filling for these peppers includes a hard-boiled egg, ground beef, black olives, raisins, and cheese. In Peru, hot rocoto peppers are used, but feel free to make the recipe with sweet red bell peppers.

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    Tex-Mex Stuffed Peppers

    tex mex stuffed peppers

    Diana Rattray

    The filling in this recipe features Tex-Mex flavors. Refried beans, salsa verde, ground beef, and Southwest seasonings are among the ingredients offering a smoky-spicy flavor. Top these peppers off with cheddar cheese or use a Mexican blend or pepper jack cheese to add a creamy texture.

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    Vegan Couscous Stuffed Bell Peppers

    couscous peppers

    Dorling Kindersley

    Couscous is the grain used in these flavorful vegan stuffed peppers. Scallions, some diced multi-colored peppers, lemon juice, and parsley add color and flavor.

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    Turkish Stuffed Peppers

    stuffed peppers Turkish style

    Elizabeth Taviloglu

    The filling for these peppers is a warm and aromatic rice and pine nut mixture seasoned with a variety of spices, diced tomatoes, and currants.

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